Donnerstag, 15. November 2012

Kreuzfahrtschiffe auf Roatan - Heute beginnt die Hochsaison

Heute beginnt die Hochsaison der Kreuzfahrtschiffe auf Roatan. Wöchentlich werden ca 4 Kreuzfahrtschiffe Roatan erreichen. Ende November werden 8 Kreuzfahrtschiffe mit insgesamt 18'600 Passagieren erwartet.

Fürs Jahr 2012 zählt man 245 Kreuzfahrtschiffe mit insgesamt mehr als einer halben Million Passagieren.

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Dienstag, 13. November 2012

Vacation Rental Roatan (Bay Island Honduras)

Roatan is the largest of the Bay Islands (in Spanish called "Islas de la Bahía) of Honduras. Roatan is a tropical paradise located off the Honduran North coast in the Western Caribbean. Roatan is known for: blue skies, wonderful turquois waters, white sand beaches and for its second larges coral reef of the world.
We are renting our cabin/bungalow situated in Gibson Bight (Sandy Bay), only a few minutes from West End. Come and discover for yourself the island paradise of Roatan! 
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51% more Canadian passengers visiting Honduras

This Saturday, the 17th of November starts the new season of Charter flights from Kanada to Honduras. The number of passengers from Canada increases 51%. About 14,500 Canadian tourists are expected to visit Honduras until April 2013.  

Weekly, there will be 6 charter flights from Canada to the three Honduran airports
- Roatan
- La Ceiba
- San Pedro Sula

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Mayan Culture and Visit Honduras

Copan Ruinas, the most important cultural destination in Honduras

Countdown to a new era: 38 days and about 4 hours!

On following website you will find some information about Copan Ruinas, the Mayan culture as well as general information about the beauty of Honduras. On the website described with following words:

"Welcome to the best kept secret in the Americas. This is the land of the legendary Maya city of Copán, eight indigenous cultures, a rich colonial past, an abundance of nature and the second largest coral reef in the world. Welcome to Honduras!"